Scottish Targe Blood Honour

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This is a solid wooden hand crafted Scottish Targe Blood Honour surround by metal studs and Scottish Tartan supported straps crafted from 8 individual pieces as was 200 years ago and the outer side is covered in a leather casing and tartan held in by metal band edging it has a genuine Wolf head to the outer side as was part of the tradition since 1700 when King Richard son was kill by a wolf and form that day put a bounty on wolves until they were wiped out in northern England

Battle side finished with metal studs and Scottish Tartan with genuine Wolf head

The body side has the Royal Stamp in remembrance to the Scottish Highlanders

On innner side is 2 tanned leather straps  1 for holding the second is slightly longer to allow arm through  is leather padding to inside of sheild to protect arm in battle combat

It measure 500mm across or diamitor and is constructed on 18mm wooden seleves

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