WOW Sword





WOW Sword

Woodmen of the World Sword

Rare Woodman fraternal Uniform Rank parade sword made in the 1890’s by The Henderson Ames Co. of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Beautiful workmanship typical of Henderson this is a very rare fraternal sword and scabbard from the Woodmen of the World. This society, founded in 1890, was one of a large number of ‘fraternal benefit societies’ that sprang up in the latter 1800s. Most disappeared or merged with other groups, but through the years the Woodmen have flourished and are a vibrant fraternal, service, and insurance organization today. This one is a variation of the Civil War pattern US Army Model 1860 Staff & Field Officers sword. SWORDS HAVE NOT BEEN USED IN W.O.W. CEREMONIES FOR MANY YEARS AND ARE EXTREMELY SCARCE, HIGHLY SOUGHT-AFTER ITEMS BY W.O.W. MEMBERS AND BY SWORD COLLECTORS! The sword inside the scabbard measures 36 5/8 inches long overall. The sword by itself is 35 ¼ inches long, and the blade is 29 ¾ inches. The blade is in fine condition with no nicks in the edges and no rust. The tip is sharp and pointed

The blade traditional engraved and decorated for that that period with maker’s mark. It is stamped GERMANY by the hilt. The guard and pommel cap are brass with gold plating well worn over the centuries. The front part has the letters WOW, a crossed mallet and axe, a log, and a dove holding an olive branch. The pommel cap is in the military style, with an eagle on the front and a shield on the back side. The knuckleguard is decorated with floral patterns. The grip is wrapped in the original black leather (mostly gone) and twisted brass wire still intact. Leather is in poor shape exposing wooden handle and the wire is loose. THE ENTIRE SWORD IS VERY TIGHT WITH NO LOOSENESS! The scabbard is the standard 1860 military style, with nickel plating on the body of the scabbard and brass mounting rings, throat piece, and bottom piece. The mounting bands are decorated with laurel-leaf designs but is covered by surface darken aging as expected



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