Rapier Sword Belt fog


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Rapier Sword Belt fog

Rapier Sword Belt fog

Medieval Renaissance Black Genuine Leather Rapier Sword Belt. A rapier is a long bladed weapon with a advanced hilt at the time to protect the hand wielding it was produced from the 1500s to 1700s make this a early modern age weapon.

Quick specs for the Rapier Sword Belt fog

size: 5 X 9″ support buckles
Genuine : Black Leather
full chrome steel buckles and swing clips
-The Frog is made of good quality genuine leather with steel fittings and rivets.
-Made specifically for Medieval Long Rapiers and Long Swords.
-Allows the sword to hang diagonally as traditionally worn

Full size handcrafted leather harness
-Perfect for Collectors and Enthusiasts.

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