Old Masonic Knights Templar Sword



Old Masonic Knights Templar Sword

Old Masonic Knights Templar Sword

Ornate Masonic Knights of Templar Sword Old Masonic
Here is a nice ornate Masonic order Knights of Templar Sword .
This beautiful Antique dates back to 1882 It is in good used condition . It was made by ” The M. C. Lilley & Co ” Columbus , Ohio . The original owners name is etched and guilded there along the blade being :” Harry A Hall “amongst the traditional guilding etching designs which flow both sides ¾ of blade. It has the trainman Black elbony handle with metal Templar Cross embedded  Original Chain still intact from pommel to peen.

It is an exceptionally nice Sword in excellent condition, the art work on the blade is guilded and like most Templar knight swords reflect the story of ancient battle scenes with the story flowing onto the Scabbard in heavy raised metal crafted art work .

In the Scabbard , the sword measures approximately 36″ long .
By itself the sword measures approximately 35” long.


Knights Templar Sword History