Civil War Knights of Pythias Sword


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Civil War Knights of Pythias Sword




This is RARE Civil War Knights of Pythias Sword and scabbard made by the Pettibone mfg. Co. Cincinnati.  circa 1870`s-1880`s. K of P was founded in USA in 1864

The sword measures 35inches,the scabbard 31inches Sword is in great shape and well aged.  A couple dark spots on blade but NO pitting
The original owner’s name is completed in Old English Font Artwork ( John A Beers)   Scabbard in good shape seen.  Grip is in good shape with only a few spots chipping and the gold wire band is still tight. For over a 100 years is very good conditions

A wonderful piece of Past History

This Knight Templar watch is free when you purchase this Sword