Templars Tarot Cards

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Templars Tarot Cards

Original 1st Edition by Allen Chester

this wonderful set is probably last New Tarot Card Set for sale on the internet originally purchased from the Artist who signed a blank Tarot card  making it a desirable collection set although old they have never been used or dealt and are as New and crisp as day produced
High Priestess Mary Magdalene Templar Tarot Cards
measures 127mm 90mm
This Tarot set also includes 1 original hand sign blank card by artist

The Templar’s Tarot is a unique art deck based on the legends of the Knights Templar’s, a medieval group of monks and warrior knights. It has 79 card, the extra is a major arcana card titled ‘The Magic Flute


The History of Mary_Magdalene

The History of the Tarot Cards