Antique Knights Templar’s Pilgrim Sword

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Antique Knights Templar’s Pilgrim Sword

Antique Knights Templar’s Pilgrim Sword
Very old Knights Templar’s Sword from Pilgrims Commandry KT originally issued to George Andrew Quimby
Made by the M.C.Lilley Company in Columbus Ohio.
minor paint wear over past 100 years but all original castings accruement finishing complete in general handle the sword is still in excellent condition
the Original chain still in tact from pommel to guard
the Pommel is 1870 to 1890 Helmet the handle has the heavy cast cross and the guard center has the Eagle posing and the stars on each guard end
The blade measures 32″ and the overall length is 39″
The super ornate Scabbard is complete with original heavy cast vivid three-dimensional sculpted designs complete with fully functional hooks /clasps / chain

With this sword is also the Eagle over Skull Templar pin quite a rarity to have both matching items today
A wonderful piece of Past History
This Knight Templar watch is free when you purchase this Sword