19th Century German Tarot Cards

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19th Century German Tarot Cards


19th Century German Tarot Cards
Antique 19th Century German C L WUST Taroc/Tarot Playing Cards
This is the original complete Full Deck of 54 cards

This deck appears to have been extensively used over the past 100 years but very well cared for. A couple of cards have worn notches on side but over all in excellent condition true original coloured patina on the cards is very nice. Approximate card measurements are 4.25″ by 2.50″.
Although no box or instructions the Jack of Clubs has the trademarks
(C.L.Wust) and (Frankfurt a/M)
These are truly a collector set which have a imaginary feel to them which has probably been absorb over the years

This pattern is said to have originated in the late 19th century with the C.L. Wüst cardmaker of Frankfurt Germany.[1] This earlier edition lacked the corner indices found on the later 20th century version published by French cardmakers such as Grimaud, but the values of trumps changed from Latin numerals common on older decks to Arabic numbers used in modern writing. These numerals were placed in the center of the panels in a Fraktur font similar to cards which were used for the German Tarock game of Cego



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