1796 Sabre Champagne Opener


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1796 Sabre  Champagne Opener


1796 Sabre Champagne Opener

1796 British Footman Infantry Sword

often called The Champagne Opener as used in the Napoleonic Wars 1799 for opening the plentiful Champagne

This is a wonderful traditional replica Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre is a beautiful sword with its wide sweeping blade and stirrup grip guard Leather bound handle and leather blade washer. It was indeed an extremely effective cutting sabre, so much so that the Prussians adopted it near the end of the Napoleonic wars

Blade Thickness: 5/16″
Handle: 4 3/4″ long
Blade Length: 33″
Overall Length: 37 3/4

Known as the Champagne Opener  see how its done

History of the 1796 British Footman Infantry Sword