Shipping On completion of a purchase every care is taken to ensure that your items arrives prompt and safely to you. We use use a variety of Courier firms for Local National Inter Island and International shipping cost quoted at time of purchase is maximum and in many after sales checking and finalizing will be reduced if multiple purchases are made with a combined freight.

Delivery Times
Delivery within New Zealand by courier Business Days eta is:
Auckland 2 – 3 days + 1 days for RD (Rural)
North Island 3 – 4 days + 1 days for RD (Rural)
South Isl;and 4 – 5 days + 1 days for RD (Rural)
Australia 2 – 3 days air freight + 4-5 day local
USA 4 – 5 days air freight + 5-8 day local
UK 6 – 7 days air freight + 4-5 day local
Rest of world 5 – 9 days air freight + 5-7 day local pending final destination
Shipping can be delay by local Custom Inspections for various reasons and time lengths we have no control over

We are not attorneys and are not giving legal advice. The following information should show you where to find out if something is legal or not in your state.
We will not knowingly ship illegal items anywhere, so don’t ask. Do your part and save everyone the hassle by checking first with your local authorities or a local attorney and ask them what is legal. Ask them how to legally carry the item, store it etc.
Here are the basics: You need to check your local government and see what they allow. You won’t get into any kind of trouble for calling up the local police station and asking them to fax you something in writing. Don’t just take their word for it. Research the exact legal info at the law library, ask the police what laws to look up. You can even call an attorney!
People are asking if it is okay to ship things to ___your place_____________.
You will be responsible for it once it arrives at your location. Check and double check with your local law enforcement offices to see what you can buy, carry, train with, use, etc.
In many states it is illegal to carry some items, but perfectly legal if you are transporting it wrapped in cloth, in a box, in your trunk. Basically they just don’t want you to have quick access to the weapons. You are still responsible for knowing the laws in your area, but this will work in most places. Some foreign countries may confiscate the items before you receive it. We will still ship it if you wish though. (remember, we won’t knowingly ship illegal items!)

Remember it is your Responsibility Check First